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My First Year in Review

This time last year I started this blog and I am so glad I did! It’s been a fun space for me to write and share my passions and I’ve loved interacting with you all and sharing ideas. I appreciate all of you who have read my posts and who have encouraged me throughout the year! I wrote a total of 54 posts this year, hemorrhoids which I welcome you all to re-read at your leisure ;) but for now, pharm here are the 10 posts that got the most views this year, resuscitator and then a few of my personal favorites!

He is Making Everything New Year in Review 2014

Top 10 Posts of 2014

1. My Summer Goal: Becoming Olaf

Now this one was a bizarre surprise. I think what happened is that a lot of people googled Olaf images and my blog post came up, but I’m glad I got to share my love of Olaf with so many other people!

2. The Issue with How to Train Your Dragon 2

I wrote this post in response to seeing How to Train Your Dragon 2. I liked the movie but felt that the dark-skinned villain communicated a subliminally racist message.

3. I Believe in the Church

“The Western, American church is going to continue to fail as long as it continues being a place you go on Sunday mornings, sit down, listen to someone say things that don’t reflect the words of Christ, present a happy face, and leave without it having any impact on the rest of your week. Until we reform the way we think about Church, we can’t expect a reformation of the Church.”

4. God made my vagina and he made yours, too (unless you have a penis. In that case, God made your penis). 

“I’m guessing a lot of Christians live life with the feeling (either subconscious or recognized) that their bodies are sinful, especially those body parts that are used for, you know, sex. I think this is probably especially prevalent for women in the church who are constantly told to be modest so as not to “be a stumbling block to their brothers.” I think one of the unintended results of modesty culture is that women have lost ownership of their own bodies because the very existence of our bodies is enough to cause any man we encounter to fall away from Christ. And this leads to a lot of shame.”

5. God and the Gay Christian by Matthew Vines | Book Review

“This book has been called a game changer and I could not agree more. Matthew Vines has an incredible dedication to the validity of Scripture that has often been lacking from this conversation. He also demonstrates tremendous faith in the way he loves and follows God, which is evident in how he loves and respects even those who disagree with him most. This book is going to challenge, teach, and inspire all who read it with open hearts and ears to hear. I have absolute confidence that Matthew Vines is going to be long remembered as one who lead the Church into deeper revelation of God and His understanding of and love towards His gay children.”

6. He is Faithful to his Promises

This is my personal favorite because it started off this blog and also a whole new glorious chapter of my life!

7. What Frozen Teaches Us About Domestic Violence

“Often times people have a really hard time believing women who say they’re in an abusive relationship or kids who say that someone is abusing them because the abuser is just so nice. The brilliance of Frozen is that the abusive, manipulative, murderous, power-hungry man is also handsome, a great singer, and outwardly very kind and polite. And I would suggest that, in reality, abusers are not creepy, unwashed men who are violent and rude in all areas of their lives–they’re often very normal people and even fun to be around.”

8. How I Never Would Have Overcome Depression Without the Church

“When you are in the valley, do you have people who will walk with you? When you are incapable of coming to the throne, of praying, do you have people who will pray for you? Do you have people who will physically come around you and bear your burdens away? We need each other to face the troubles of this world. We need people to remind us that the Lord is faithful when we can’t seem to hold on to that truth. As my friends reminded me that night, we need people to remind us of how far God has brought us, and how far He is going to bring us in the future. We need the Church to remind us to hold on to His promises when we feel like letting go.”

9. Be Kind For Everyone You Meet is Fighting a Hard Battle 

I wrote this post in remembrance of one of my high school classmates you ended his life.

“His suicide was a wake-up call for me to extend more grace and more kindness to those around me because the reality is that we never know the extent of the battle they’re facing.”

10. Things You Say That Contribute to Eating Disorder Culture

This post, along with my whole Eating Disorder Awareness Week series, was one of my favorite things I wrote this year. I got a really good response from people reading my posts and I loved knowing that my experience was helping other people understand their loved ones’ struggles.

My Personal Favorites

Here are a few blog posts that ended up being my personal favorites from the year, even though they didn’t get the most views.

1. The Who Rules the World Series

These posts were my first series and first real theological writings, and they address one of the theological topics I am most passionate about!

2. Remember Who the Real Enemy Is – Processing World Vision with the Hunger Games

“I love how deeply God knows me and I love the creative ways He speaks to me. I love how He knows just exactly how to point out my sin in a loving way. I love that He knows that in the past few weeks I’ve watched Catching Fire about a billion times and I love that He’s connected and involved enough in my life to use Catching Fire to speak to me, teach me, convict me, and help me process every heartbreaking detail of the World Vision story.”

3. The Danger of Dress Code

“A core part of Christianity is that it’s inclusive–everyone is welcome at the table. One of the problems with a dress code is that it can make things exclusive. If your youth group has a dress code, what happens when a new person comes and isn’t following the dress code?Instead of the Gospel we promote a shallow religion of rule following and dos and don’ts.”

4. When Relapse Happens

“And I’m learning that relapsing doesn’t change the fact that I am a new creation and that I live in Christ’s freedom. I belong to Jesus and Satan has no authority over me. My identity is freedom and that cannot be shaken or taken away from me. My relapses do not define me or change the fact that my story is about God’s continual faithfulness to me.”