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My Summer Goal: Becoming Olaf

My Summer Goal: Becoming Olaf  from

Warning: Frozen Spoilers!

Have you all seen Frozen? I’ve seen it about 27 times. My friends and family will tell you that that’s not an exaggeration :)

I love so many things about Frozen–the music, valeologist the message, phlebologist the story, diagnosis the characters…but most of all I love Olaf! Olaf is my best friend and I want to be more like him every day! So my goal this summer is to become more and more like Olaf.

Here are my top favorite things about Olaf:

1. He loves his body

Itty bitty unicorn nose, large nose, no-nose, Olaf loves it all. What if we could all love our bodies like Olaf does? Our bodies change just like Olaf’s, but instead of getting hung up on what we don’t like about our different looking bodies, he loves himself the same at every stage!

Here’s a cute video of Olaf and his nose:

One of my goals this summer is to learn to love my body with the same exuberant joy that Olaf has for his body.

2. He always has a good, friendly attitude

Olaf is so friendly and happy! Even though Anna and Kristoff judge Olaf at first and think he’s creepy, Olaf is super nice to them and his friendliness causes them to change his mind about them. Here’s a clip of Olaf being friendly:

One of my goals this summer is to keep a positive attitude and treat people with the same friendliness that Olaf does.

3. He loves people well

Olaf lives his life self-sacrificially. He knows what it means to love people in a real, practical, and authentic way and he deeply cares for the people around him, even if he hasn’t known them for long. He sacrifices his own well being for those around him, because some people are worth melting for.

One of my goals this summer is to learn how to live my life more sacrificially and how to love all those around me in a deeper, better way.

4. He randomly breaks out into song to express himself

I pretty much already do this but I want to do it more ;) I’m sure my family will love it!

I’ve already met one of my goals…making an Olaf cake :)

My Summer Goal: Becoming Olaf  from

What are your goals for the summer?